Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Personal Mission Statement

Please post your final draft of your personal mission statement as a comment.  Mission statements are due by 9/20.


  1. I want to be a hero, a soldier.
    I want to show people they're not alone, and to never give up on anything.
    I want to be a peacekeeper; fight less, smile more.
    I want to be me; do the things I love.
    I want to be someone my kids will look up to and want to follow in my footsteps.
    Overall, I want to a be a leader;someone people will look up to and want to be like.

  2. Casey's facets toward life:
    To put my faith before others and others before myself.
    To always hold true to my beliefs and myself in the face of adversity.
    To maintain the highest standards of integrity at all times despite what occurs.
    To treat others with dignity and respect: To not judge before I have listened.
    To lead others to happier places, no matter who they are.
    To be a leader: Set a good example the first time by leading through actions, not words.
    To live life with a smile and a laugh... After all, life is too short.
    To follow the previous facets toward the best of my ability. Although at times I may falter or stray from these, to remember that this is who I truly am.

  3. I strive: to be open and accessible to everyone at any time; to make everyone feel loved and comfortable; to do everything to the best of my abilities and then some; to be honest and true in my work and with my friends; to respect every single person I come across, no matter the circumstances or situation; to be a student and teacher of life; to be loyal and trustworthy (Essentially give people what they see, and not be two-faced); to share my life with anyone that wants to be in it; to be passionate about everything I love, not what others think I should love; and to make decisions and take actions that reflect certainty in all that I do.

  4. My goal is to live a life of optimism and hope, even in the times of struggle and hardship to always smile and approach life with a light-hearted attitude so that through my actions and the words I speak, my faith will be clearly voiced; and to incessantly be learning and self-improving; to always give a hundred and ten percent in everything I attempt, so at least if nothing else I can say I went down swinging. Also, to be a gentle and compassionate friend to everyone I have the privilege to meet, at the very least make it a seldom goal to make at least one person smile, forevermore.

  5. What I mean to myself:

    To make the mundane special, and to make the special extraordinary.
    To celebrate competition and transcend unilateral thought.
    To illuminate the most vapid corners of the world, and to seek truth.
    To change the future into something more than the past, something greater.
    To bring humanity to the mistreated and downtrodden, through gestures of benevolence.
    To strive to be accepting of all creeds, save those of malice.
    To believe in humanity, and to act for the benefit of humanity.

  6. I strive to be someone who is…
    •Able to bring the best out in others
    •A shoulder to cry on when times are bad & a friend to laugh with when they are good
    •Independent and strong, but not afraid to ask for help when I need it
    •Determined and strong willed
    •Able to see the good in everyone and everything
    •Not judgmental & open to any idea or possibility

  7. (Background information
    I have been attending a summer camp called Geneva Glen for the past nine years. I go to a session called Knight Hood which focuses on the qualities of the knights of King Arthur’s round table. Every year you go through a ceremony and depending on if you showed the qualities and actions of your rank, you obtain it, however if you fail to show the qualities you are held on probation. This past year I earned the rank of Sir Knight, the highest rank one can receive. I hope your not to confused, if you would ever like to talk about it just ask me, I love to talk about Knight Hood)

    My mission statement is never static, never ending but rather constantly growing and changing, moving upward, toward an unreachable, unattainable height, the Golden Star for which it is based on. B.A.S.K., Be A Sir Knight, I have devoted my life to the ideals of a Sir Knight which cannot be expressed through words but rather your actions; to evaluate rather than react, to place my interests last assisting all others in lack or need first, to find my own self-esteem and nurture self-esteem in others, to understand my best self and commit my life to striving to reach it, striving ever thus to maintain the honor of this rank. To guard my castle gate.

  8. My mission:
    To use creativity and intellect to improve our ways of life
    To enjoy the little things and focus on the positive moments
    To help improve the quality of life of others through humor, entertainment, encouragement, honesty and support
    To provide anyone and everyone with a helping hand and an open heart
    To keep my mind open to new ideas and never become too set in my ways
    To initiate positive change in my community
    To follow my passions and continue learning
    To respect and accept others the way they are
    Always remain true to myself and uphold my values in the face of opposition

  9. My mission is to accept and avoid judgement of others by learning, creating, and experiencing.
    My mission is to try the hardest I can to continue to push myself through whatever I wish to accomplish.
    My mission is to not allow myself to get discouraged when I don't succeed on the first try.
    My mission is to stay true to who I am, and to not allow others negative opinions to affect my own.
    My mission is to travel the world, adding new experiences to my life story and opening my eyes to different walks of life.
    My mission is to live a rich, full life.

  10. My goal in life is to:
    Work hard in order to achieve my goals,
    To be the best friend I can be,
    To work on not only achieving happiness for myself, but as well as helping others achieve it,
    To understand other peoples opinions, but to stay true to my thoughts and ideas,
    To be someone who is always there for whoever needs a friend.

  11. My mission is to:
    Always try my hardest in everything I do.
    To never give up on the dreams and goals I have set for myself.
    To put others before myself.
    To carry on through life even when it gets tough.
    To travel the world and experience different ways of life.
    To always be confident in myself and in what I believe even if I am going against the norm.

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  13. To not judge others on appearance but on personality and actions;
    To be a listener when others are in times of need;
    To accept any opportunities that will enhance my present and future;
    and to challenge myself whenever possible.

  14. I will strive to not only be honest but sincere through my actions and emotions. I will do things that make me happy and enjoy the best of life. I will strive to always be supportive and always listen. I will strive to be worldly and think everyday but rarely over-analyze. I will constantly be exploring and discovering, as I try to learn about the world around me. I will respect my feelings and opinions. I will strive to be optimistic and always keep dreaming. I will strive to be intelligent in my speech and actions. I will create a calm atmosphere for myself and others. I will strive to be proud.

  15. My mission statement is to...
    -Strive to see the good in others
    -Always look for opportunities to learn
    -Have the courage to stand apart from the group
    -'Give' whenever possible, but to not forget to 'take' occasionally
    -Make time for me
    -Be a spark to others*
    -Work to get the best out of other people

    *credit to Mrs. Smith's 1st grade for teaching me about being a spark

  16. My mission is to...
    Make sure my family and friends realize how important they are to me.
    To make people more comfortable with themselves and others.
    And to be whoever or whatever others need me to be, to help them.
    To learn to take life as it comes, and not stress as much.
    To accept reality without becoming cynical.
    To be positive and to show it's benefits to all

  17. My life mission is…
    To remember for faith, not for fame, I fight the good fight,
    To learn to laugh at my mistakes, and realize that perfection is entirely overrated,
    To enjoy every moment, insignificant or monumental; to smell the roses and feel the sunshine,
    To show the world my dreams are larger than any obstacle blocking the road to my success,
    To grow as a leader people young and old respect and revere,
    To treasure the gifts of friends and family I have graciously been given,
    To uphold my values even when society tells me to give in,
    To not judge others without judging my own actions first,
    To realize I am too blessed to be stressed, and too anointed to be disappointed,
    To flaunt my differences because the world needs a little flavor and variety,
    And I am willing to oblige such a request.

  18. My mission in life is to:
    -Make a difference in other people's lifes.
    -Do my best.
    -Be passionate about as many things as i can so long as they matter to me and people i love.
    -To not take anything for granted and to live life to the fullest. Don't look back and regret anything.
    -Have faith in others and myself.
    -Put a smile on people's faces.
    -Be happy.

  19. My mission is to make people laugh and feel good about themselves through my words and my actions. To not judge others, but accept people for who they are and celebrate it. To really listen to others and support them. To be the friend that is always reliable and caring. To grow in my faith and hold true to my values and morals. To be confident and proud. To remind the people I care about, how much they mean to me. To never allow myself to compromise my beliefs. To live a life I proudly take ownership of.

  20. My misson is to use the skills I have been blessed with.
    to serve other in in order to better myself and others.
    to be present in my family and friends lives.
    to grow in knowledge of the world around me and all the diversity.
    and to give 100% in all my endeavors.

  21. My Mission:
    * To make others laugh
    * To give without receiving
    * To stay true to my morals and standards
    * To make smart decisions
    * To question that which I don’t understand
    * To remind myself of what I am capable of
    * To always, always be a good and loyal friend
    * To keep my priorities straight
    * To work hard and have fun doing it
    * To inspire others to be better
    * To never lose my love of learning
    * To be grateful for all I have
    * To maintain my faith in the human spirit
    * To empathize with others
    * To never doubt my heart
    * To believe in my dreams
    * To give and receive love

  22. My mission is to:
    - Believe and share the power of music
    - Maintain my faith above all oher things
    - Impact others lives by being an example everyday
    - Learn and share my knowledge of each subject with those who need help
    - Parpticipate in as many activities as I can (anything from soccer to racquetball)
    - Have the guts to stand when the world sits

  23. In life I strive to be the fullest person that I can be. I want to live without restraints and fear, while avoiding stepping on people’s toes. I want to take action when I am passionate about something and know when to sit down and listen to other people. I want to plan for the future, but know when to let it all go and breathe. I want to love without limits and have those feelings reflected back. I want to know I am there for others and that I have a team backing me up too. I want to be wise and able to learn. I want to be perpetually improving and gaining and learning and loving and making myself ready for anything that comes my way.

  24. My mission is to...
    -Bring joy to others
    -Leave others in a better situation or mood after I have been apart of their life
    -Always be there for others, especially my fellow Warriors
    -Not fear the future
    -Look at every perspective before I make a choice
    -Experience everything life puts in front of me
    -And to never back down from a challenge, knowing that the finish is worth it
    -Choose happiness, after struggling through my hardships I've come to understand that happiness really is a choice like they say. Its just a matter of whether or not I am open to it.
    -Be open to change
    -Travel the world
    -Find who I am, and delight in it.
    I want to be more open to change that comes my way, especially in my senior year and beginning college years. I don't want to look back and see how I missed out of what could have been, out of fear of not being good enough. Instead I want to look back at who I was and think "Man, who I was wasn't so bad then...but now, who I am... I delight in others knowing."

  25. My mission is to be less critical of others and myself. I need to learn to consider what I say and how it impacts others. I will be braver and not care about people judging me. I need to be more open about my feelings and share my authentic thoughts with people. I need to lead with a positive attitude, while remaining realistic about my future. I want to be someone that people come to, for advice or just a laugh and a smile. I will strive to learn more about the topics that interest me. I want to experience everything in this world, being kind and accepting as I travel and learn. I want to find my place in life and decide how I'm going to live my life, because I only have one shot.

  26. My mission:
    Help others, don’t always focus on my problems.
    Be there and open, to whatever and whoever needs it.
    Continuously bring happiness to my friends.
    Do everything to my fullest ability; no slacking.
    Don’t judge others.
    Strive towards kind words and actions.
    Be myself, always.

  27. My Mission:
    *Do God's work all the time
    *Improve something about myself everyday
    *Do not shy away from any challenge
    *Make others feel good about themselves in my presence
    *Focus on every single positive element of an experience
    *Do what I can to solve problems without dwelling on what I can't fix
    *Admit to my weaknesses and make light of them
    *Be impactful
    *Throw myself into everything I do
    *Make use of my skills

  28. My mission in life is to:
    Always be there for other and offer my help when needed
    Share my faith with others
    Always be kind to others like the way I would want to be treated
    Accept others for who they are and not be prejudice
    Work hard to accomplish good grades and will succeed in life
    Be a true American citizen
    Know what the American dream is

  29. My mission in life:
    Live with the sole purpose of serving God and serving others
    Live with the passion of compassion
    Live to leave a mark
    Live against the grain, against the norm
    Live for adventure and exploration

    Thrive from relationships with my family, friends, and acquantences
    Thrive from the hope and joy found from my faith and my nature
    Thrive with the attitude and preserverence to take on life's challenges

    Die with a life remembered
    Die with no regrets
    Die with the knowledge that I achived my purpose and my mission

  30. My mission in life is to:
    Succeed in the goals I set for myself
    Love those around me with an unconditional care
    Spread my "Kailee-ness" to anyone and everyone that I meet
    Provide open arms for anyone in need
    Be a life-saver
    Live through a passion that defines me
    Learn from others

  31. My mission is to...
    Inspire people with my thoughts and actions.
    Accept everyone for who they are.
    Serve God, and show his works through my faith.
    Be a kind, caring person. The friend everyone needs.
    Embrace everyones likes and opinions.
    Be a helping hand.
    And most of all... love everyone!

  32. My mission is to
    Do everything with confidence, conviction, and determination
    Give my maximum amount of time and effort to anything I do
    Be there for my friends and family at any time
    Show respect to all
    Never falter on my beliefs
    Be a role model in school, life, and sports
    Be able to show humility by accepting that I can be wrong
    Be able to acknowledge my weaknesses and my strengths
    Never be afraid to ask for help

  33. My Mission:
    To live a life with happinessand excitement.
    To discover the little things in life that are just as important as what others may think.
    To lead by example and have others strive to live like I do.
    To learn new ideas each day and be open to everything.
    To help others in whatever way I can, even if it may be with a smile.
    To be a loyal in all of my relationships.

  34. My mission is to be selfless. To not judge others by learning from my mistakes. To be the best person I can be.
    My mission it to always do my best and put everything I have in things that are important to me. To stay positive in every situation and see the silver lining in all people.
    My mission is to keep doing the things that make me happy.
    My mission is to spend my life with the people and things I love.